djordje atlialp

Hi, I am Djordje.

Yes. The name is a little exotic and challenging, but it looks more complicated than it is. My first name is pronounced just like the English “George”. The surname speaks itself as it is written.

I am a software engineer and cloud specialist. And I love new and exciting projects. Contact me if you think I can help you.

My career began in 1991 in Bielefeld, where I was born, when I was introduced to the innermost secrets of the city during the first hours of my life and became part of the conspiracy. In 2015, however, this became too colourful for me, which is why I migrated to my adopted home in Cologne, where I am now firmly rooted with my wife, our two children and a cat.

After an extremely instructive and eye-opening study of chemistry, I decided to change my field of study and switched to Computer Engineering at the University for Applied Sciences in Lemgo at 2012 with an intense focus on embedded devices. Under the buzzword Industry 4.0, I developed a series of applications that optimised processes in industrial production plants. Some of them were augmented reality applications.
In 2014, I moved my focus into the backend development and solutions architecture. First for various purposes, later almost exclusively in the area of IoT (Internet of Things). The requirements are so diverse and varied that I constantly learned new methods, concepts and languages and questioned old ones. The diversity of my past projects and the experience gained with it allows me today to see the big picture of an idea, to grasp the requirements and to implement them in technical solutions. My priorities are security, maintainability and scalability.

In addition to my daily work, I continue to work academically in computer science. I also enjoy working on open source projects and am a big fan of 3D printing.


Since 2012: Self employed IT Consultant for Software Engineering and Cloud Computing